Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Hello there!, I've been able to catch up today on alot of projects that I've been fiddling with. Everything has taken a while as I had the mad idea of decorating a few rooms at once, well that god I've finished and life is kind ov returning to normal apart from 1 or 2 bits that still need to be done but I think I can persuade Gareth to finish it of for me (fingers crossed hehe):).
These 2 scrapbook pages I've made at Topaz with Jane I'm thinking of framing them and hanging in one of the rooms I've decorated the picture doesn't really show the colours that well but I hope you get the idea.

This is the Ranger mirror that I did with Lindsey over at Topaz, it was a complete mad day as we did 2 classes, I haven't yet finished off the the matchbox shrines but that is on my list to do tomorrow. It was nice to catch up with everyone including Shelia who was making us all laugh :))

Again I'm afraid not the best photo, but for whatever the reason of the computer world this is the only one it will let me upload - strange things!
Good luck to Shelia with the grungy book swap can't wait to get started :))))))
El x

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