Monday, 31 January 2011

Grunge book swap

Helllooo there :)

I've finally started Shelia's grunge book swap which I have joined. I've started the steampunk pages first so I can return Shelia's stamps to her this Saturday that she very kindly let me use. I've no picys as yet but when I am happy with it I will post some.

I hope you all enjoyed craft day on QVC I did quite a bit of work for Dawn and this is what my craft room looked like by the end!   

A friend of mine said it "looks very busy", so l reckon that there is no such thing as a messy craft room's they are just busy!:)

Here is a picy of my fairy doors that I made at one of Lindsey Mason workshops
When I finally got my crackle paint right, I always seem to put it on too thinly or too thick! I really enjoyed making this and a great day out as well :)

Hope everybody is well and have got over their colds and flu's
Take Care