Friday, 2 September 2011

You should never try to milk a dog!!

Hello again :0)

Well I've had a fiddle and after watching 
Kate's dvd again I've made this page in my Journal, which I discovered I had a small moleskin hidden in my this gives you an idea on how I'm not organized ;) This is what I should off taken with me  when I did a class with Kate. I had taken a different Journal book by 7 Gypsies and I wasn't that impressed with the paper, it did seem a bit thin therefore after I gesso it, it all crumpled and gave me a texture look! 
Anyway this is what I managed to create this afternoon using some of my downloads from Dyan's and Itkupilli. I used my acrylic paints and tried finger painting, but I find I get a better result with a brush......any idea's why? I've used bottle tops to create the circles and old credit card to create the lines. I've stamped using gold paint put it doesn't show very well in this picy and sprayed some hot pink dylusions spray ink and let it run down the page... I have a lovely pink thumb now hehe, oh yeah I also use a circle stencil in the background too :)  

I hope you like what you see as I've had a happy time playing :))
El x

Sunday, 28 August 2011

It's been a while but.......

Hello there!

Had a fantastic day over at AFTH on Saturday. The Birthday girl She came along with us and I had bought her a birthday girl badge that she had to wear all day much to She delight! Her friend Gez came along too as well as my Mum. Gez had bought her a balloon which we tied to her chair and had bought her a cake  too :)

Here's She with her birthday cake unfortunately I didn't get the balloon in - Doh!

She's birthday card that I made her

A few months ago now I went over to AFTH on a  tastier day and we were taught by three different people for one hour, this is when I discovered Kate Crane and her Journalling and I fell in love with. We made a tag that day and afterwards I wanted to make She a card with Kate's style, and of course it had too be orange which is She's Favorite  colour. I had a lovely day yesterday enough though my art Journalling didn't quite go to plan. I need to practice using acrylic paints as this is something I never used to create backgrounds, but I will show one page which is still a work in progress, as they say!  
Work in progress as they say! but it is growing on me :0)

Thanks for a lovely day out and getting nice and messy :0)

Here I've made a card for Jane who has finished working in the shop over at Dawn's so I made it for her and her daughter Caity

The picture is a bit dark and I did shadow stamp over the words in silver so you could see the words betters. I love these Octopede stamps I think they are cool and I found out the lady who designs these is only 18! sorry I can't remember her name but I wish I had her Job at that age lol!
I've used the Dylusion ink spray to create the background and then blew the puddles of ink around the page with a straw I haven't done that in years....since I was a kid funny how techniques come back round lol! I used one of Dyan's stamps for the wings it's a bit more consistent than me trying to draw them although I did draw the wings on she's card.
Here is an ATC that I got from Gez who I think is a very talented lady, thank you Gez
My ATC from Gez lovely isn't it?

Hope you are all well and thanks for looking ;0)
take care

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Oooh lucky me!

At the weekend I did a Sheena Douglas workshop on the Sunday and I caught up with my friend She. At the end of last year I joined in her Grungebook swap, there was 12 people who joined in and we all had to choose a theme for a page and at the end the theme that you pick is the grungebook you receive back, my theme was Magical & Mystical - thank you ladies for my lovely pages I can't stop looking at them :0)
She you've done a fantastic job on the covers x

Front cover by She

She's page

Gez's page 

she's page 

Lindsay's page

Joanne's page


Hilda's page

Cheryl's page 

Sonja's page

Zoe's page

Karen's page

Back page

back cover
Once again thank you all so so much I love it x

This is what we created at Sheena's workshop it's the first time I have tried  paint fusion  and I really enjoyed it, my Mum  already has the dvd and has done several pieces, she even did the leaves free hand! 

In the morning we did a bit of water colouring with one of Sheena's stamp  I'm quite pleased with it  my house is a little bit too pink and I need to add the daisies to the bottom of the card and then it's done. The day was filled with laughter and giggles and I wish I had my camera at one point, I looked over at she who was concentrating very hard I must say, so hard she had her tongue stuck out it would ov been a cracking photo! hehe

and as promised here is the wedding invite that I made for Paul & Jenny's wedding I used Lindsay Mason blossom stamp on the edges of the paper and stamped the inserts to match.  

Hope you've liked what you have seen, thanks for looking :)
Take care
El x

Monday, 16 May 2011

Wedding Bells


Hope everyone is well, thought I would share with you what I had been up to this weekend, not a bit of crafting in sight!. Gareth's cousin got married, I was a bridesmaid and Gareth was the best man. I did make the wedding invites for them, which I did enjoy doing after I had sorted out the double sided tape issue, should of bought more rolls of the red tape you can't go wrong with that! stick with what you know ;) lol!
The stamp I used was one of Lindsey Mason's stamps, unfortunately I don't have my invite at the moment as somebody is borrowing it and I didn't take a photo of the invite doh! but when I get it back I will post it on here.
So here are a few pictures of the day, shame the weather was a bit nippy, wet and windy but we all had a fantastic time and wish them all the happiness in the world.

Here we are doing our poses!

my lovely flowers, aren't they gorgeous?!

Me & Gareth 

from the left - Lisa, Becky, Jenny, me and Katie 

Paul & Jenny- don't they look lovely!

The wedding cake- the 2 dogs are off  Patch(Dalmatian) & Phoebe(lecher), Paul & Jenny's babies.

Well as you all know now Dawn has left QVC,  so I just like to say thanks to her & Jane for letting me play..oops I meant working on some of the kits for QVC, think the ranger hour I did was the best even though it was a manic 24 hours! but I got to play with all the Tim Holtz stamps and inks etc that was on the show, shame I couldn't keep them :(
 I never thought in my dreams I would ever had any work on telly, including my scrapbook pages which I know Jane loves lol! ;) My doggies and others had there few moments of fame including my Niece, Lucy which I know she loved.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Things I've made at Lindsay's workshop

Hellooo there!
Hope you all had a wonderful Bank Holiday weekend, I spent Sunday on a workshop with Lindsay Mason at Dawn Bibby Design Studios making cards, couldn't be happier! The day was filled with fun and laughter with Shelia, Lindsay, David, Jolene and my Mum of course and everybody else who was there but I don't know your names :)) 
In the morning we used Lindsay lovely new stamps

 Have to say My Mum made the yellow flower in this one, but i did do some cutting out for her too;0)
 On this one below I tried shadow stamping which can make your eyes a bit funny,as Shelia found out but i think it's effective.
 In the afternoon it was a steampunk theme, which I have to say it's not everyone cup of tea, including my mum's, "it's a bit too way out for her", as she says. I've only just started steampunk but I find you can do what you want and it works, it can be as way out as you want! 

A few weeks ago I was on another class of Lindsay's, do you get the feeling I like Lindsay's work!?!
We made a grungebook the cover and the sown in the pages (think this is my best sowing as well!) Really enjoyed making this, you can put whatever you want inside, so hopefully one day I will ;0)

              We added Tim Holtz charms onto the spine, it give a little jingle every time you pick it up hehe!

                                               Hope you like what you've seen,
                                                              Take care

Thursday, 7 April 2011

sneeky peek at Shelia's grungebook swap!


Sorry it's been a wee while, but I've been a bit busy so I thought I would put some cheeky photo's on of grungebook swap that I'm doing With Shelia & co, so here you go :))

Here are the dylusion ink spray which I love playing with and have used then to create the colours on the pages with :)

Hope you liked the sneeky peeks ;)
take care Elx