Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Things I've made at Lindsay's workshop

Hellooo there!
Hope you all had a wonderful Bank Holiday weekend, I spent Sunday on a workshop with Lindsay Mason at Dawn Bibby Design Studios making cards, couldn't be happier! The day was filled with fun and laughter with Shelia, Lindsay, David, Jolene and my Mum of course and everybody else who was there but I don't know your names :)) 
In the morning we used Lindsay lovely new stamps

 Have to say My Mum made the yellow flower in this one, but i did do some cutting out for her too;0)
 On this one below I tried shadow stamping which can make your eyes a bit funny,as Shelia found out but i think it's effective.
 In the afternoon it was a steampunk theme, which I have to say it's not everyone cup of tea, including my mum's, "it's a bit too way out for her", as she says. I've only just started steampunk but I find you can do what you want and it works, it can be as way out as you want! 

A few weeks ago I was on another class of Lindsay's, do you get the feeling I like Lindsay's work!?!
We made a grungebook the cover and the sown in the pages (think this is my best sowing as well!) Really enjoyed making this, you can put whatever you want inside, so hopefully one day I will ;0)

              We added Tim Holtz charms onto the spine, it give a little jingle every time you pick it up hehe!

                                               Hope you like what you've seen,
                                                              Take care


  1. Fabulous creations Elaine. Sounds like a grand day out. Love your sneak peaks below :)

  2. hey these are all gorgeous :) well done some lovely work xx