Sunday, 28 August 2011

It's been a while but.......

Hello there!

Had a fantastic day over at AFTH on Saturday. The Birthday girl She came along with us and I had bought her a birthday girl badge that she had to wear all day much to She delight! Her friend Gez came along too as well as my Mum. Gez had bought her a balloon which we tied to her chair and had bought her a cake  too :)

Here's She with her birthday cake unfortunately I didn't get the balloon in - Doh!

She's birthday card that I made her

A few months ago now I went over to AFTH on a  tastier day and we were taught by three different people for one hour, this is when I discovered Kate Crane and her Journalling and I fell in love with. We made a tag that day and afterwards I wanted to make She a card with Kate's style, and of course it had too be orange which is She's Favorite  colour. I had a lovely day yesterday enough though my art Journalling didn't quite go to plan. I need to practice using acrylic paints as this is something I never used to create backgrounds, but I will show one page which is still a work in progress, as they say!  
Work in progress as they say! but it is growing on me :0)

Thanks for a lovely day out and getting nice and messy :0)

Here I've made a card for Jane who has finished working in the shop over at Dawn's so I made it for her and her daughter Caity

The picture is a bit dark and I did shadow stamp over the words in silver so you could see the words betters. I love these Octopede stamps I think they are cool and I found out the lady who designs these is only 18! sorry I can't remember her name but I wish I had her Job at that age lol!
I've used the Dylusion ink spray to create the background and then blew the puddles of ink around the page with a straw I haven't done that in years....since I was a kid funny how techniques come back round lol! I used one of Dyan's stamps for the wings it's a bit more consistent than me trying to draw them although I did draw the wings on she's card.
Here is an ATC that I got from Gez who I think is a very talented lady, thank you Gez
My ATC from Gez lovely isn't it?

Hope you are all well and thanks for looking ;0)
take care


  1. Hi Elaine

    Lovely to spend the day with you, your Mum and She yesterday. Thank you for making it all possible.xx

    I love your background on the card. It's brilliant. Glad you like your Atc.. wish I'd have remembered to give the others out on the day too!! It must have been all the excitment!

    Have fun with your art journaling.. try a different paper and you will enjoy it a whole lot more.. your pages are looking FAB already! can't wait to see more of your lovely artwork.

    Promise to email you soon hun. Thanks for a wonderful

    P.S. Lily Chivers is the owner of The Octopede Factory, sorry, I can't send a link right now.. I'm on my Netbook using one of those sensor pad things instead of a mouse.. it's a nightmare!!

  2. Hi sweetie, thank you for making my day so special...I adore my card, thank you so much....It has pride of place xxx I'll hopefully catch up with you very soon...Love to mum too. S xxxx

  3. It was great to see you again at the workshop :-) And keep going with the acrylics - the more you do it the more confident you'll be. And I agree with Gez, try different paper. I was v impressed with the birthday card you made. X