Monday, 31 January 2011

Grunge book swap

Helllooo there :)

I've finally started Shelia's grunge book swap which I have joined. I've started the steampunk pages first so I can return Shelia's stamps to her this Saturday that she very kindly let me use. I've no picys as yet but when I am happy with it I will post some.

I hope you all enjoyed craft day on QVC I did quite a bit of work for Dawn and this is what my craft room looked like by the end!   

A friend of mine said it "looks very busy", so l reckon that there is no such thing as a messy craft room's they are just busy!:)

Here is a picy of my fairy doors that I made at one of Lindsey Mason workshops
When I finally got my crackle paint right, I always seem to put it on too thinly or too thick! I really enjoyed making this and a great day out as well :)

Hope everybody is well and have got over their colds and flu's
Take Care


  1. Hi Elaine. I've popped over via She's blog. Looking forward to seeing your grunge book page for me. Finished mine now apart from my own which is proving to be the hardest. Love the 'busy' room. Like that term for it-gonna use that for mine.

  2. Hiya - im Gill from Sheena Douglass's Design team ( i found you on her blog) - im on the lookout for some talented peoples blogs to follow and i found yours. i love what you do - keep up the good work. i love the fairy door - i have many of them in my house! maybe youd like to join my blog too. im starting blog challenges this weekend so hopefully you could take part. cheers .

  3. Hi Elaine lovely of you to pop by my blog.. I think we've been on some classes together at Dawn's! I recognise your avatar! so lovely to pop by your bloggie.. your pages are going to look FAB.. I'm in the swap too & desperately running out of time!!
    Hope you have a lovely weekend. Happy crafting. Gez ♥

  4. Forgot to say Stella looks absolutely beautiful :) awe.xx

  5. hey there...just love your fairy door :)

  6. ive nominated you for a blog award - you might wanna go check this out to accept.