Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Pencil drawings

Helloo there:)

Thought i would show some of my drawings that I'm learning at the mo, when i was at school i loved art but i could never draw faces, so one of my missions was to learn and recently i've joined a mixed media art group called motleysoulmixedmedia and they do online course so i've joined the face2face workshop and you can learn to draw different types of faces and poses, so without further a do here are my attempts................

this was my first attempt.....which i was very pleased with!

this is my latest attempt, she does look alot better in real life!

second attempt, needs a bit more work..... 

this is my first 3/4 profile she turned out very fairy like for some reason....

and this was fourth attempt, she's looks a bit cheeky to me :0)

Well hopefully i will do some journaling and other crafting bits soon but just at the mo i'm struggling sitting and working, as i'm a bit poorly at the mo,  but at least with drawing i can sit comfy and doodle away...happy dayz :)
 (sorry the pics are not in order but Blogger has decided they should be in this order for me lol!)

take care, thanks for looking

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  1. FANTASTIC artwork Elaine.. your are a natural. Glad you are finding something fab to distract you, hope you soon feel better again. Hugs, Gez