Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Configuration Xmas box

 Hello :)
 I'd thought I would show a configuration box I've made for Xmas that lights up. I did kinda of get the idea of Sir Tim last year, I remembered seeing a picture of a configuration box that he made in a class, but when I looked for it I couldn't find it. I kept thinking about it all last year. So I got my bits and bobs together mainly from my Mum, who is an egg crafter at heart and I found the things she found too big for her eggs are just the right size for a configuration box, I actually bought the box from Lindsay Mason last year and it had been sat in my craft room looking at me....saying when are you going to use me ;0) or is that my mind going more loopy.....
The big Christmas tree I bought in a pound shop near Christmas and I thought it would look great in my box and especially as is lights up....how cool would this be!!
I did make a sacrifice....I did cut up some of the Tim Holtz paper, but I did console myself into thinking it's for me so I get to see it all the time lol!!

Christmas configuration box

the large Christmas tree lights up :0)

the sacrilege made, but well worth it ;0)
The other day I was nosing on Twitter and looking at Mario's Rossi BTS (behind the scene) and I notice that he had taken some pictures of the staff bleaching Chirstmas trees....I thought great minds think alike...I wish! but they did look very similar to mine but I'm sure they look better. I used some snow paste to anchor my tree in as it had a horrible plastic base....it twinkles with the light on:)

Thanks for looking and I hope you have liked what you have seen
Take care


  1. I loved this project of yours thanks for sharing

  2. Wow! Beautiful box Elaine ♥