Wednesday, 11 April 2012


Hello :0)

Just thought I would show you my new little toys! I've just done the Tim Holtz online class, which by the way was fabuloos!  and he was saying about to surround yourself with things to inspire you and he showed some of his letterpress's. So I've been on the hunt and have found a couple, these are old adverts that I thought were kinda funky and I thought I might be able to use them somewhere along the lines!

The large one I had to nail onto a piece of wood as these are heavy metal. I then stamped the images, I used some distress stains and inks to make them look old and glued the images onto the wood.. The large one, Gor-Ray skirts was published on the 1 Oct 1985, unfortunately I don't know when the others were used, but the harpic one has old money written on it, so I'm guessing it was the sixties?

I've got one or two more bits and bobs, much to Gareth's delight! he keeps wondering what the house is going to start to look like haha....

Thanks for looking, take care

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