Sunday, 29 April 2012

If you want to fly........

Hello :0)

Thought I would show you some of my journaling pages I've been making. Every since I saw Dyan Reavely at the Nec over 12 months ago I thought I've deffinetly got to give this ago. Lindsay Mason was the first person to introduce me to it, but I didn't quite get it somehow and it was nothing to do with Lindsay, I think it was just the way I was at the time.

Soo anyhoow this is what i've done......(sorry for not cropping the first 2)
This was my second page i did in my moleskin journal.  I got the phrase from Yoko Ono, of all people....I don't know her personally by the way ;0) but i follow her on twitter it says," it's always advisable to always keep your head empty so a wind can pass through" I'm not too keen on how the writing came out but you live and learn! the steam punk image I got of the net and then used my pastels over him to give it a quirky look, the cogs are out of an old watch and I just thought it carried on the steam punk thing. I did draw the cloud of wind onto the page....quite impressed with myself there! then i doodled around the edges to frame it. 

This was my third  page i did using stamped images. The background colours i did by using pastels and blended them together. I then used black and white acrylic paint for the circles using bottles top and credit cards for the lines. I then highlighted the leaves and doodled around the page. 

this is the first page to my journal book. I wanted to create something  a bit different and  quirky. I've used downloads for this page and wrote out the sayings myself , the background and wording I've used ink sprays and just fiddled about and then added some material on that i found for texture (thank you Mum)

This stampotique stamp is one of my newest and favourites I think... I apologies for the swearing and hope I haven't upset anybody, but it was just how i was feeling that day and my little chappy match me as well.
The background i did by finger painting using acrylic paint. I've sprayed a piece of paper and then wrote the down the wording, this saying came from Kelly Osbourne as i also follow her on twitter too!
 I have a little book that I write down sayings that i've seen or read  and then flick through it when i do a bit of journaling.  

This one is work in progress at the mo.....
The colours in the background are mainly bits of left over inks that I've mopped up with my journal ...can't let it go to waste! which i thought looks very delicate, so i went along the theme of Paris and dreams.
The writing isn't finished yet as it needs more work on it, I've also glued a bit of lace at the bottom of the page which I've coloured with some spray inks.
it says," a dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality" I'm sure where i am going with this yet i think the writing is wrong but i shall fiddle about with it.
 I've just discovered a lady through Facebook  from America called Donna Downey and her journaling is about textures and things, which i thought looked great :0)....need to give this a whirl....:0)

Thanks for looking, take care 


  1. Really amazing pages Elaine, all too nice to chose a favourite, thanks for sharing.xx

  2. brilliant - lovely pages :)

  3. Oh I LOVE your Journal Pages...I hope we can get together and have an inky day soon. Love S xxx