Saturday, 19 May 2012

Pom Pom Canvas......

Hellooo :0)

Thought I would show my latest creation, although it's not my creation as I have made it with the help of a download from Donna Downey. My Mum had bought me this canvas last year for my birthday and it had been sitting around every since wondering what to do with it (it's 14x18 in size)  I wanted it to be right the first time, and then through Facebook i found Donna and i really liked her style and when i saw you could download a canvas the old grey matter went into overdrive. I picked this one as i love the colours and i keep being drawn towards teal at the mo so i thought perfecto.....
the background is covered with strips of muslin, to give it a texture and the flowers are made from pom had been years since i made a pom pom, i didn't even know now you can buy a pom pom maker!  but i used the cereal box method instead lol :0)

Pom Poms!! 

I used Sir Tim tissue tape where she had used masking tape and my pom poms aren't as pom pomy as hers...if you know what i mean...;0)

Thanks for looking
take care 


  1. Hello lovely lady... Gorgeous Canvas, you clever girl. Love it. S xxx