Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Been doodling around again


Hope you are all well. Wanted to blog my latest journaling pages. I learnt to draw faces when i took a journaling class with Lindsay Mason a couple of years ago, and then recently i've had the erge to do them.....for whatever reason i don't know, any-hoow this is what i've done:-

 This is my first attempt at a face, i decided to do cats eyes for a change, (thought it was a bit quirky) and anyone who knows me, know i love pinks and glitter, so i went for the whole hog on this one!

this one i've named Cher and is my favourite out of the 2, she says,"Life beats you down and crushes the soul, Art reminds you that you have one..." For the head i've done some zentangle patterns, this is to represent what goes on in my head....worrying i know lol!

Thanks for looking
Take care


  1. Oh Elaine, they are gorgeous. Love ♥♥♥ Cher! S xx

  2. wow both are fantastic & that cher is something else ! well done :)

  3. I adore these... really gorgeous faces and Cher is absolutely fantastic!