Monday, 9 July 2012


                      Hellooo, hope you are well.......:)

I've just finished my second canvas and i thought i would share it with you, as i'm quite impressed with myself!! of course i've had a little help from a download i got from Donna Downeys which guide you through the process but i have drawn the grungy poppies :)

I have used watercolors on canvas! this can be done by using a product called absorbent ground, i used the neocolor water-soluble wax pastels which are fabby....i need to but a tin on my birthday list as they are not cheap but are worth every penny!!

For the background i used an old dictionary to give it some texture and then have stenciled around the edge of the canvas just to give it an effect, the stencil used is by crafters workshop. 

the canvas is a 14x14

stencil and paint blobs

Thanks for looking, take care


  1. This is so pretty. Beautiful soft colours...thanks for sharing!

  2. brilliant :) the poppies are gorgeous !

  3. beautiful canvas, and they almost look like lips blowing kisses!